eIQ – Southeast Asia Ecommerce Market Research Brand Launches in Indonesia

eIQ – Southeast Asia Ecommerce Market Research Brand Launches in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 26th, 2016. After a successful launch in Thailand at the ecommerceIQ Summit, aCommerce Research Unit, known as eIQ, brought performance marketing experts from across the Southeast Asia ecommerce market  for the first ecommerce Masterclass at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

The Masterclass was a closed-door training session with six modules and laid out a comprehensive framework for brands, retailers and e-tailers to set up their performance marketing units and drive sales. The modules contained aCommerce in-house practitioners, insights from Google, a Case Study with MatahariMall.com and an interactive live case study with Thailand’s top data analysts.

“Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online market, but with ecommerce at less than 1% of total retail sales, there remains so much opportunity from brands to traditional retailers to tap into that other 99%,” said Felicia Moursalien, Head of ecommerceIQ and Director of Research at aCommerce, “We’ve created the Masterclass as a deep-dive into some of the biggest ecommerce pain-points facing the region and to help businesses skip the costly learning curve.”

Goal: To educate and accelerate the Southeast Asia ecommerce market with research, data and workshops

Performance marketing was chosen as the first of the Masterclass Series because it is the low-hanging fruit of ecommerce and optimizes existing online retail sites by demand generation.

“What traditional retail gets right is offline branding and product experience, but marketing has transformed completely in the digital age, from the types of KPIs measured to the profiles companies recruit for,” said Aditya Jamaludin, Head of Marketing, aCommerce Indonesia.

Customer Lifetime Value 101

An example of how to calculate customer lifetime value

In addition to training, speakers from MatahariMall.com, Google and aCommerce shared the trends and insights on Indonesian consumers that are not normally shared with the public.

“This was an exciting opportunity to be invited as a distinguished Lecturer for the Marketing Masterclass because those who have entered Indonesia e-tail early have so many learnings to share,” said Tim from MatahariMall.com, “And the better we all get at giving Indonesian customers an amazing online experience, the faster we will cement Indonesia one of the biggest ecommerce markets in all of Asia.”

This was the second collaboration between ecommerceIQ and Google, the first being the eIQ Summit in Thailand where ecommerce pioneers such as Lazada, Kiehl’s, Rakuten and more presented their best practices to moving online. As Google’s Premier Partner, aCommerce and Google work together to focus on educating offline businesses about the value of being online.

About ecommerceIQ

ecommerceIQ is a research initiative formed out of aCommerce, one of Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce solutions providers whose clients include L’Oreal, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Nestle, Lazada, MatahariMall, LINE and other global brands and retailers. We are dedicated to providing objective insights and data to help businesses investigating or already operating in the region address the most critical challenges and identify the best opportunities when growing online. While ecommerce is relatively fresh in Southeast Asia, we have the advantage of working closely with the actual operators, not external consultants, that empower our work with data driven and expert learnings, consolidated from the top brands and suppliers across the region. ecommerceIQ produces sector and customized reports, clinics and conferences, a weekly Ecommerce in Southeast Asia brief and a news portal. Skip the learning curve with us.

To join the Trailblazer network, please visit www.ecommerceIQ.asia or tweet us with insights or abuse @ecomIQ

Highlights of the Marketing Masterclass include:



  • Understanding the Emerging Digital Customer in Indonesia
  • Intro to Ecommerce Marketing. Acquiring, Activating and Monetizing your customer
  • Tips to Maximize the Marketing Mix: Paid and Email Marketing Spotlight
  • Navigating and Analyzing Data to Optimize Marketing Spend
  • Interactive Business Case Question: Assessment and Solutions Walk Through
  • Case Study: MatahariMall’s Learnings and Best Practices Integrating Offline and Online marketing – Lessons From The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Business in Indonesia’s History